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Robot Orpheus

Robot Orpheus is a solo project started by Wing-Chern Leung in 2010. Wing-Chern likes to fuse his jazz, rock, pop and classical influences into his music, to create something he believes is truly unique.

Wing-Chern Leung

Me eating wonton noodles in Hong Kong circa 2011

Hello! My name's Wing-Chern Leung. Even though I love many things, my first love was music. I play the electric guitar primarily but also dabble in electric bass. No comment about my singing! Throughout my musical journey I have taken a liking to many genres, including pop, rock, jazz, classical and hip hop. That might be a bit too vague, so I'll elaborate; my favourite band is Thin Lizzy. Lately I've been listening to Hatsune Miku (reruriri, Livetune, 40mp, OneRoom and other Various Artists), Megumi Nakajima, MAY'S, The Carpenters and various Touhou rearrangements (Shibayan, IOSYS). I've also recently taken quite a liking to the smooth R&B vocals of divas such as Mariah Carey, G.E.M., a MEI, etc.

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